The Blue Jeans Company

Ambition Apparel is a garment manufacturing company located in Lahore, Pakistan. With a brand new structure, machinery and in full work for the last 15 years, we have attained the maximum output levels over the years. Born in 1999 in Lahore, in the province of five rivers Punjab, Pakistan, we enjoy the abundance of raw material like cotton, which is converted into fine finished fabrics at world-renowned denim and flat weave mills across the country. In our brief history, we have come to fall in love with denim. With carefully selected technology and purposely built facility we produce over 16,000 pieces per day. From start to finish everything is processed under one roof, allowing us a consistency from jean to jean, untouchable by other companies. With majority of sales in Europe and North America producing MWC articles, we have secured excellent reputation with our buyers that include brands, chain stores and catalog buyers.


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