Environmental Protection

Ambition Apparel is aware of the threat to the climate and the depletion of natural resources. Ambition Apparel’s products and technologies contribute to energy efficiency and environmental protection. As a manufacturing company, Ambition Apparel is committed to conserving natural resources. Wherever we build or modernize our factories, environmental protection is top priority. We keep emissions as low as possible and minimize the effects on humans and nature. In addition, our work processes and working environment are designed to require as little energy and as few raw materials as possible.


As an initiative in our laundry department we have converted all our barrel washing machinery to state of the art front loading machineries "Rain Forest" which in-turn uses 40% less water/chemical and 35% less energy and has increased our batch capacity by 40%. 

All light fixtures have been converted to LED technology which saves 70% energy from conventional system.

All machineries are installed with inverters to reduce torque load and eventually running load.


The company has installed 250 cubic meter (250,000 litres/day) effluent treatment plant which treats all effluents discharged from the laundry and ensures all waste water is treated and within the prescribed NEQS. We plan to use recycled water for our plantnation inside the factory by 2018.



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