Ethical Standrds

Ambition Apparel is committed in providing quality products to its customers. Fundamental to this commitment are the corporate ethics of Ambition Apparel.
The ethical standards are:

  • - Ambition Apparel will work with those business partners & suppliers whose standards &codes are compatible with its own.
  • - Ambition Apparel will only work with those organizations that are law abiding entities &comply with local & regulatory standards.
  • - Ambition Apparel will work with only those suppliers & business partners who providetheir employees with a safe& healthy working environment. They must conform to the labor health & safety regulatory standards.
  • - Ambition Apparel recognizes the dignity of an individual. No slave or imprisoned labor or workforce is to be used. Ambition Apparel won’t workwith those suppliers or business partners who enforce enslaved orimprisoned labor at their facility. Furthermore suppliers &businesspartners will afford the rights of lawful free association & collective bargaining to all employees.
  • - Ambition Apparel expects its business partners & suppliers are committed to provide work place free of harassment, abuse, degrading treatment &corporal punishment. Employees are to be respected at all times.Employee’s private & family life, right to freedom of thought, conscience &religion are tobe respected at all times.
  • - The company will seek to work with those suppliers & customers who employ individualsbased on their ability to do the job irrespective of theirgender, racial characteristics, color, nationality, cultural or religious beliefs, age or marital status.
  • - Ambition Apparel suppliers & business partners must comply with national laws, international standards & regulatory requirements that aimed to protect the environment.
  • - Ambition Apparel encourages its suppliers & customers to provide training & education to its employees. Ambition Apparel ensures continuous trainingto all its employees especially to all the young workers & managementtrainee officers being hired.
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